Matty completes our kitchen team. A baker by trade and a work-horse by nature.

Cass and Mel oversee our retail operations and pretty much everything else.

Our Team

Caleb and Neil are our passionate bakers. 

Our Story

The Bakery Alice Springs was established in September 2014 by amateur bakers Neil Rilatt and Caleb Evans, along with their respective partners, Mel Darr and Cass Howden. With no formal training, Neil and Caleb are entirely self-taught in the art of bread making, vienoisserie and patisserie. 
Here at The Bakery we pride ourselves on baking the highest quality produce with the highest quality ingredients. Flour is sourced from The Wholegrain Milling Company and is 100% certified organic. Our bread flour is stone ground and all of our breads are stone-baked. We buy Australian produce to support Aussie farmers and keep our food miles down, and we buy from local suppliers wherever possible to support local business as we have been supported ourselves. 

We now have a wide and ever-expanding repertoire of products including a variety of sourdoughs, artisan breads, doughnuts, french vienoisserie, gourmet pies and sausage rolls.